Dr Roderick Bailey is a historian, broadcaster and bestselling author. He specialises in the study of World War II and the history of modern war and medicine.


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A professional historian at the University of Oxford, Roderick is a leading expert in the history of Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE). His latest book, Target: Italy, is the groundbreaking history of SOE's cloak-and-dagger war on Mussolini.

His previous books include the critically acclaimed The Wildest Province, about SOE exploits in the Nazi-occupied Balkans, and three bestselling volumes in the Imperial War Museum’s Forgotten Voices series. 

Most recently, he wrote the introduction and notes to Patrick Leigh Fermor's Abducting a General.

Roderick also appears frequently on television and radio as a historian of modern war and conflict.

Away from academia, he has worked extensively in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Africa as an official monitor of international elections, for the European Union and OSCE. He has also served with the British Army in Afghanistan where he won a Queen's Commendation.

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